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Buckeye State Blog Hacked?

On February 24, 2008 By

As you may have noticed, Buckeye State Blog is down. I just talked to Jerid and he’s working on getting it back up.

He’s not sure what happened yet- but he assures me it will be back up soon (6-24 hours).

Full Story... is reporting that Larry Sinclair – the nutjob who claims to have performed oral sex on Barack Obama in the back of a limo after the two shared cocaine and crack – is officially full of crap…

Dr. Ed Gelb, Former President of the American Polygraph Association was the Polygraph expert selected by He has done over 30,000 polygraph examinations over his long career. There were two polygraph tests administered by Dr. Gelb on Friday. the first polygraph asked Mr. Sinclair on his sex claims. The second polygraph test asked Mr. Sinclair on the drug use […]

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Huckabee: Abortion = Slavery

On February 24, 2008 By

Huckabee gave a speech in Denver on Friday to a bunch of wingnuts at the annual Leadership Program of the Rockies dinner.

He again promised to work toward ammending the US Constitution to be more in line with God’s law- this time going to far as to say that NOT having an amendment forcing all in woman in all states to relinquish control of their bodies was the same thing as not forcing all states to abolish slavery…

“What that means is that every one of the 50 states can come up with its own definition of life,” said […]

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