From the daily archives: Saturday, February 23, 2008

According to the AP, Republicans lead Dems 6 to 2 in lawmaker indictments since 2000:

_ Feb. 22, 2008: Rep. Rick Renzi, R-Ariz., indicted on charges of extortion, wire fraud, money laundering and other crimes in an Arizona land swap that authorities say helped him collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in payoffs.

_ June 11, 2007: Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, arrested in a bathroom sex sting at the Minneapolis airport. He pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. He is now asking a state appeals court to let him withdraw his guilty plea.

_ June 4, 2007: Rep. William […]

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Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, has named his son “George Bush”- after our president.

Kony is “a self-styled prophet” who wants “to rule according to the Ten Commandments” – kind of like Bush, I suppose.

For two decades his Lord’s Resistance Army has abducted thousands of children in northern Uganda and committed hideous atrocities, slicing off victims’ ears and noses and padlocking their lips together. The conflict has killed tens of thousands and uprooted 2 million people.

George Bush was unavailable for comment.

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Bush dancing yesterday in Liberia:

For Malaria Awareness Day…

With a sword in Saudi Arabia…

and in Georgia…

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Governor Ted Celeste??

On February 23, 2008 By

There are lots of Teds in state politics. And a few Celestes as well.

So I suppose this typo on the PD Openers blog was bound to happen eventually:

“Gov. Ted Celeste introduces Hillary Clinton in Columbus on Friday.”

The guy in the picture with Hillary is, obviously, Governor Ted STRICKLAND.

Ted Celeste, Democratic State Rep from the 24th, has actually endorsed Obama.

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