Despite what the Dispatch and WSYX have been reporting today, the new time and attendance policies issued by the Department of Administrative Services will not “end flexible work hours for state workers.”

The new requirements require only that state agencies “observe set customer service hours.” This means that every agency “must ensure that they are adequately staffed to perform all of their business administrative functions” between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.”

As long as they have enough people on every shift- the agency “may offer
employees an alternative work schedule that offers flexibility in the scheduling of hours worked
.” In other words, no one is losing their flexible work hours- as long as someone is covering all of the shifts. This is a totally reasonable requirement for any organization- and certainly something we should expect from state employees that deal directly with the public.

So the next time you are in line at the DMV at 4:00 pm on a Friday and there is actually someone there to help you- you’ll start to understand why having a standard set of customer service hours for state employees isn’t such a bad idea.