Clinton’s attempt at last night’s debate to accuse Barack Obama of plagiarism – she called it “change you can Xerox” – received boos from the audience.

CNN’s American Morning ran a poll this morning asking people this question: “Does it matter if politicians borrow lines from each other for speeches?”

The results so far: 68% say NO.


  • That was the worst line I’ve ever heard in a presidential debate. It was forced and desperate. She did recover quite nicely at the end with the standing O. I call it a draw, but can see her getting a bump from that. I personally feel if we had seen this Hillary (contrived or not) she would be doing much better.

    It was a great play really overall. It will either give her the boost she desperately needs or will be a nice way of bowing out and starting to repair damage done in the primary. It’s a win-win for her and a great move at the end. Barack was noticeably uncomfortable with that moment and he should be. She stole the show when it mattered most and got the last word. I think some Indies might begin to think “Hillary is not so bad” after that.

    We’ll see. I don’t think the nomination will hinge on that moment by any means, but it was a particularly powerful play in my mind. Seemed genuine as well, despite the “borrowed” lines.

  • Eric – it’s so funny that you say that about HRC’s ending moments. See, I hated how she looked while she was giving those final words. HATED. She looked plastic to me. Totally. I had to minimize the screen and only listen to the words – and even then, I didn’t like it – I think in my live blog I wrote that she seemed disingenuous.

    Feh – neither of them do much for me. 🙁

  • @2: that is funny. i did leave open the possibility that it was contrived. didn’t appear so to me personally. any time you get a standing ovation at a debate you are doing something right. no doubt there.

    i’m hopeful it was a pre-concession speech. 😉

  • Well – this is also a difference about how you and I look at things and what we’re looking for or hearing. I’m not thinking about the contrived thing unless something is happening to make me thing that it was a planted thing. Rather, I’m trying to judge the overall presentation – is it believable, real, honest.

    See – with Obama, I might like what he says all the time, but I believe he believes what he says.

    I don’t feel the same way about Hillary and that’s my problem, and has ALWAYS been my problem with her – that’s that cold part of her that others see – I don’t see it so much as cold as disconnected – there’s just a disconnect from humanity, which is why I still believe that the first tears in NH were real – that was a very, very real moment to me – planned or not. I don’t know if you know what I mean when I’m making this distinction.

    Anyway – lots of ways to slice it. And I’m STILL undecided. 🙂

  • matte

    So, Plunder-Ohioans. What’s your take on the race in Ohio to date? I’m interested in the view from the ground. Thus far, Obama has been running 10-15 points hotter than the polls indicate come election day. Do you think this is the case in Ohio too?

  • @5: I think Ohio is pretty typical of many states we’ve seen thus far. Hillary is miles ahead before people start paying attention. Obama comes on strong late and we are seeing the same thing here in Ohio. 20 point leads have been cut in half and in some polls narrowed to just 4%.

    I’m not sure he’s running 10-15% hotter than polls indicate – and if he is – this one truly is over.

    My feeling is Hillary will not be able to win by enough to compete but will still not exit the race after March 4. I have a feeling it will get even uglier.

    I think Clinton has run a poor to bad campaign thus far and this continues into Ohio. The other thing Ohioans (especially bloggers) are questioning is how closely tied our Governor is to the mess. I feel he is hurting himself as he plays surrogate to a close political friend. I’m not saying he doesn’t have the right to do so, but he’s not going to come out of this for the better in my opinion. If I were Ted I’d be much more hands off than he has been – especially since we continue to catch him in some pretty blatant position flip flops between his Gubernatorial campaign and Hillary’s.

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