From the daily archives: Friday, February 22, 2008

Despite what the Dispatch and WSYX have been reporting today, the new time and attendance policies issued by the Department of Administrative Services will not “end flexible work hours for state workers.”

The new requirements require only that state agencies “observe set customer service hours.” This means that every agency “must ensure that they are adequately staffed to perform all of their business administrative functions” between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.”

As long as they have enough people on every shift- the agency “may offer
employees an alternative work schedule that offers flexibility in […]

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The politics of universities

On February 22, 2008 By

It’s pretty well recognized that college professors as a group are more liberal than the population at large. The unexplored question was always “why?” People like David Horowitz would blindly speculate that it was hostility towards conservatives that drove them from academia, but nobody actually tried to learn why there weren’t more conservatives in academia. Until now.

Politically conservative professor Matthew Woessner – an Ohio State graduate and asst. professor of public policy at Penn State – has conducted a scientific study into political orientation and higher education with his wife (a liberal professor at Elizabethtown, and also an […]

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Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) has introduced a bill called the Greenhouse Gas Emission Atmospheric Removal (or GEAR) Act. GEAR is designed to provide for bounties to be awarded to whomever accomplishes a specific task first – in this case scrubbing greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere to counteract pollution from human activity.

“Wherever you find yourself on the issue of climate change,” the senator said in a press release, “we can agree on one important dynamic – change awaits us.”
The bill would not aim to fund development of removing GHG emissions – the byproduct of hydrocarbon, or […]

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The Lazarus/O’Grady Debate

On February 22, 2008 By

So I just got back from the Lazarus/O’Grady debate and it was pretty much what I expected.

Both candidates agreed on most of the issues e.g. we need more economic development, we should help fix the mortgage crisis, we should protect the environment and we should be nice to somali immigrants.

In between, there were a number of jokes about big families (Cindy has 9 siblings and John has 11) and about hair- or lack of it- with Cindy Lazarus at one point offering to shave her head if that’s what it takes to be County Commissioner.

But when it […]

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All your forearms are belong to us!

On February 22, 2008 By

First, the news. Apparently researchers have worked up a prototype subdermal display powered by blood. No, I’m serious.

Jim Mielke’s wireless blood-fueled display is a true merging of technology and body art. At the recent Greener Gadgets Design Competition, the engineer demonstrated a subcutaneously implanted touch-screen that operates as a cell phone display, with the potential for 3G video calls that are visible just underneath the skin.

The basis of the 2×4-inch “Digital Tattoo Interface” is a Bluetooth device made of thin, flexible silicon and silicone. It´s inserted through a small incision as a tightly rolled tube, […]

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Clinton’s attempt at last night’s debate to accuse Barack Obama of plagiarism – she called it “change you can Xerox” – received boos from the audience.

CNN’s American Morning ran a poll this morning asking people this question: “Does it matter if politicians borrow lines from each other for speeches?”

The results so far: 68% say NO.

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