I just noticed that Jerid already posted this letter from Cindy Lazarus- but it seems worth reposting.

It’s a shame she had to respond to nasty personal attacks FROM HER OWN PARTY- but that’s the way they seem to want to play this and I applaud her for sticking it out and not giving in.

I’d also like to add that it is extrememly hypocritical of the party to berate Cindy Lazarus – and accuse her of not being a REAL Democat – because she didn’t vote in a recent Democratic primary since their whole purpose in doing so is to get her OUT OF THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY so that Democratic voters have no say in the process of choosing their own candiate.

That’s certainly not very democratic (or Democratic) now is it FCDP?

Anyway, here’s her letter responding to the attacks…

When we circulated our petitions for my candidacy for the County Commissioner seat we went to the Board of Elections to verify the names that we submitted were sufficient and discovered that the Board had any number of lifelong Democrats not listed as Democrats. The why’s and wherefor’s of the operation of the Board of Elections is not something over which I have ever exercised any authority. However, that same Board certified me as a legitimate candidate in this Democratic primary. The more accurate records maintained by the Secretary of State also verify my identification as a Democrat.

From the records maintained on-line by the Secretary of State it appears that my opponent, John O’Grady, may not have voted in the general election in 2005 and that I may not have voted in the primary election in 2006.

Over the years I have contributed personally and through my campaign funds in excess of $100,000 to various Democratic candidates. In addition, I have spent more time than I could recall meeting with innumerable people who were considering running as Democrats for elective office and encouraging their participation.

At one point in time during my years on City Council, Dewey Stokes, the local Fraternity of Police President ran for President of the National FOP and asked many of the Council members for contributions to his campaign for that labor union office. I and others supported him. That was years before Dewey became involved in local partisan electoral office.

When I met with WADC and John was represented by his wife, she spoke of the positive relationships he had developed with the Republican office holders with whom he has been working at the courthouse. Our party cannot reasonably criticize me because I, too, worked with members “across the aisle” for the good of the community.

At some point (now long past) Democratic voters began asking me in regards to this race, “What is with the party?” Why, if they are so convinced that they have endorsed the strongest, best candidate, have they felt the need to engage in this campaign of personal vilification? Why with the list of political heavy-hitter endorsements and the full weght of the party machine supporting their endorsed candidate have they responded with such malice to a single person offering herself for consideration by the voters? What message is it that we are sending with this bullying all because voters have the right to decide who they wish to have represent them?

As much to the point, what is going on in 2008 that our county party is focused on disseminating negative personal attacks rather than focusing the public discourse on the critical issues that concern the people who live in our county like job security, adequate affordable health care, safety in our homes and businesses, enhanced public transportation and the inclusion of all members of our community in the work and opportunity in Franklin County.

I urge everyone to vote on March 4.

Cindy Lazarus
Democratic Candidate for Franklin County Commissioner