I am, obviously, interested in politics. I do my best to keep up with local, state and national politics as much as possible between work, sleep, etc. I read and write about it every day.

But there is one thing that really bores the crap out of me: a political rally.

Crammed in a room with tons of other people holding up signs and cheering for the cameras, you always have to wait way-too-long while tons of lesser-known politicians give introductions for the candidate you actually came to see.

And when your candidate finally does give his/her speech- it’s usually nothing special.

Mike from Black Squirrel Politics describes the situation perfectly in a post about his experience at a Clinton rally last week in Cleveland.

He describes long lines in the cold and long intro speeches by Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Ted Strickland- which is exactly what I would have expected.

He walks about with this opinion of political rallies that fits right in with my view:

I didn’t learn anything about Hillary or hear anything from her that I didn’t already know from the Internet and TV. The only thing the rally did was upset me and make me lose respect for Hillary. I personally will never attend another rally again.

Amen, Brother.