I received a robocall from Mike Coleman a few days ago. It was an endoresement for John O’Grady (the ENDORSED DEMOCRAT) in the Franklin County Commissioner race.

Unfortunately, the call does NOT include the required disclosure information to tell me who paid for the call. Here’s the audio:

It’s not a bad call. Like I said before, people like and respect Mike Coleman around these parts so it will probably be effective.

But if the Franklin County Dems are going to start filing election complaints for every minor infraction of state campaigning laws, then you’d think they or the O’Grady people or whoever DID pay for this ad would be a little more careful about following those rules.

Here’s the full text of the ad:

This is Mayor Mike Coleman urging you to vote for John O’Grady in the Democratic Primary.

John is the ENDORSED DEMOCRAT for Franklin County Commissioner.

John has proven experience and abilities and he has a great vision for Central Ohio.

John represents a new generation of leadership that will create change in Franklin County.

Whether you vote early or vote on March 4th, I hope you will join me, Mayor Mike Coleman, in voting for John O’Grady our ENDORSED DEMOCRAT for Franklin County Commissioner.

Learn more at www.johnogrady.org.

  • Bryan Clark

    Joseph —

    There was a “Paid for” disclaimer on the robocall in question. I am unsure why the recording you posted today does not include that disclaimer…

  • The other O’Grady call I received – directly from the O’Grady campaign – DID have a disclaimer: “Paid for by the Friends of John O’Grady.”

    But the call from Coleman – the one I posted – did not.

    I kind of assumed the Coleman call came from the FCDP.

  • @1: So who paid for the robocall? Are you saying you think Joe did not post the entire call he received?

  • Bryan Clark

    The call was paid for by Friends of O’Grady. When the call was recorded and transmitted, the “Paid for by” tagline was in the call after a brief pause. I am unsure why the robocall as posted fails to include the disclaimer that was recorded and transmitted with the call.

  • @4: You keep saying “as posted”. Are you inferring that Joe is not posting the entire call he received at his home?

    Thanks for the info.

  • Bryan Clark

    Have no way of knowing — all I know is that the robocall was recorded and sent w/ a disclaimer.

  • Walt

    And I see that Jerid is taking excellent notes from the party tonight with the bizarre attack on party registration.

    A masterpiece of deception.

    First, he intimates that she did this before, doesn’t say it, but intimates and gives a link to a completely other Democrat from another year.

    Second, I went and downloaded the data from the Secretary of State’s site. Cindy voted in every even numbered general since 2000 and in the primary, as a Democrat, in 2000, 2002 and 2004 but not in 2006, when she didn’t vote.

    Third, if Jerid is going to spew talking points, shouldn’t he have the gonads to say it came from FCDP? I got that email hours ago from Zach at the party and frankly doesn’t he have something, ANYTHING better to do 14 days out from an election than this?

    I was rather ambivalent in this race, but my vote is going to go for Cindy now. This sort of chickenshit crap is pathetic.

  • She apparently didn’t vote in 2007 or 2005 either, because if she had she’d be a registered Democrat (party registration carries as long as you vote in a Democratic primary once every 4 years).

    Second, the link was provided for examples of other times this has been an issue in primaries. Sorry if you jumped to conclusions Walt. You should really get a handle on that.

    Third, I report on the things I think are pertinent and important, regardless of where they come from. Don’t I have anything better to do than report the fact that Cindy isn’t a registered Democrat? The answer’s in the question there, friend. I vote for Democrats, don’t know about you.

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