I received a robocall from Mike Coleman a few days ago. It was an endoresement for John O’Grady (the ENDORSED DEMOCRAT) in the Franklin County Commissioner race.

Unfortunately, the call does NOT include the required disclosure information to tell me who paid for the call. Here’s the audio:

It’s not a bad call. Like I said before, people like and respect Mike Coleman around these parts so it will probably be effective.

But if the Franklin County Dems are going to start filing election complaints for every minor infraction of state campaigning laws, then you’d think they or the O’Grady people or whoever DID pay for this ad would be a little more careful about following those rules.

Here’s the full text of the ad:

This is Mayor Mike Coleman urging you to vote for John O’Grady in the Democratic Primary.

John is the ENDORSED DEMOCRAT for Franklin County Commissioner.

John has proven experience and abilities and he has a great vision for Central Ohio.

John represents a new generation of leadership that will create change in Franklin County.

Whether you vote early or vote on March 4th, I hope you will join me, Mayor Mike Coleman, in voting for John O’Grady our ENDORSED DEMOCRAT for Franklin County Commissioner.

Learn more at www.johnogrady.org.