Update: It looks like the margin will be around 17% or so. That’s unreal. Obama outperformed the polling by double digits! The biggest story, however, will surely be the continuing demographic shifts toward Obama and away from Hillary. We are now seeing pundits talking about what went wrong with the entire Clinton campaign. He’s a growth stock at this point. She’s declining. If these demographic trends continue in Ohio she’ll be in as much trouble here as it appears she is in Texas. I think Rich Cordray got on the right side of this thing. Smart man he.

CNN projects Obama wins Wisconsin. Only the margin is to be determined at this point. Looks to be double digits though. Interestingly McCain continues to ignore Hillary and attacks him. I can’t wait to see what useless words Barack has for us tonight.

Hillary just plagiarized George Bush by using the phrase “hard work” in Youngstown. At least Obama riffed on a decent dude. 😉

Make it 9 in a row. Hillary hasn’t had a victory in how long? Keep banking on those supers Hillz. Texas polling not looking too good for her. Ohio probably will hold for her, but not by as much as she needs.

Obama Bomaye!

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