Appears so. RABid is officially dead, but our favorite wingnut smear merchant is back! This time, he says, focusing more on policy. We already know he secretly attends Obama rallies and mouths the “Yes We Can!” chant.

I wonder what the Plain Dealer will call this new effort?

I’m all giddy with my schadenfreude-like anticipation. Always did like a good trainwreck.

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  • Ah yes… “conservatives are rugged individualists who like compete on their own in the free-market arena of ideas”

    This is going to be fun.

  • Popcorn at the ready. Over/under on the first Naugle blowup? I’m gonna say 10 days and take the under.

  • Man, you were on this like white on rice, Eric. I would have caught it, except you apparently read your RSS feeds more often than I do.


  • @3: Nah. I got eyes and ears in the field who tip me off. 😉

  • Modern Esquire

    So why pull the plug on RAB? Just because it never became a “community” blog, so he’s going to the typical Republican windbag model? So far I don’t see anything different about this new blog except poor “Right Angle” doesn’t have a place to post his press releases anymore…

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