Halperin is reporting the following early exit polling:

Women: Obama 51%, Clinton 49%
Families with income under 50,000: Obama 51%, Clinton 49%
Independents: Obama 63%, Clinton 34%

The first signals a slam dunk for Barack. The second was to be a Hillary strong suit as well, though we’ve seen that gap close dramatically in the last few races (Viriginia, DC, Maryland). The last numbers on Indies is no real surprise, but still dramatic difference.

If these number hold up we could see a double digit win for Obama tonight. I’m also hearing the turnout was huge – especially in urban areas – which would indicate a plus for Obama as he’s been strong in these areas:

Several polling sites in the city of Milwaukee have asked for more ballots as voting appears heavier than expected in some spots, Sue Edman, executive director of the Milwaukee Election Commission, said this afternoon.

“We had to hurry up and get more ballots out to them,” said Edman, who said she thought the sites were on the city’s east side and near Marquette University.

There also a report of a potential Clinton campaign election violation:

The only potential election violation Edman knew of was a report that Clinton signs were posted on county property at the polling site at the Boys and Girls Club in the 3000 block of N. Sherman Blvd.

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