In case you missed it, here’s the video of Governor Strickland on Fox News this morning. He ends up getting in a little argument with Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle over super-delegates and what should be done with Florida and Michigan’s delegates…

  • “these are dangerous times”. what could he mean by that? ted wanting to play the terror card like bill?

  • Hi Ted. I agree that we should play by the rules. The rules are that FL and MI moved their primaries up and got stripped of their delegates – just like they were told they would. We don’t need no damned committee to tell us that.

    If anyone wants to shout disenfranchisement (you listening NAACP?), you can shout all you want to the Dem. leadership in both Florida and Michigan. THEY screwed their people here, not Howard Dean.

    I continue to believe that Team Billary will burn down the entire party to get her elected. Just watch.

  • I’d really like to *not* have to add Ted Strickland to the list of people I’m pissed off at, so I didn’t watch the video. Reading his comment about “fluff vs. substance” had me cranky enough.

    But anyway, my husband who did watch the video, commented that Strickland was shaking. I saw a comment to that effect at the Obama blog as well. Any thoughts/comments on that?

  • John F.

    Of course he is shaking. He has talking points to spit out, and if he doesn’t say them correctly he may very well end up taking a LONG nap in Fort Marcy Park.

  • @2 — E, they’re already making plans for it…just a matter of time.

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