Jim Siegel has a good article in the Dispatch today about missing data in campaign finance reports- specifically employer/occupation information.

The worst offender, it seems, is House Speaker Jon Husted who’s 2007 campaign finance reports contained “more than half of the 2007 ‘best effort’ listings” – i.e. more missing data than all other finance reports combined!

“That’s unacceptable,” said Husted. “I take responsibility for it, and we’ll go find them and amend the report.”

We’ll be watching watching, Jon. So make sure you do.

In the mean time- maybe we can provide you some help with your list of contributors with missing occupation/employer info. The Dispatch article lists John McConnell of Worthington Industries and William Rumpke, president of Rumpke- but here are some others:

  • Wayne Boich, a $10,000 contributor, is the President & CEO of Boich Companies.
  • Vail Miller – another $10,00 contributor- is the Ohio Director for the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) Board of Directors.
  • James Ireland is the President of Early Stage Partners – A Cleveleand Venture Capital Firm.
  • John Charles Huizenga is the founder of the for-profit charter school company National Heritage Academies. He operates two poorly-performing charter schools in Cincinnati.

If you need some more help, Jon, please let me know.