So far this week I’ve received two pro-O’Grady fliers in the mail and two fliers for Cindy Lazarus.

At first glance I’d say the the O’Grady direct mail campaign will probably be more effective – especially with voters who don’t really follow county-level politics i.e. most of them.

The O’Grady mail campaign is simple and focused, with one clear message:


To drive this point home, both pieces contain pictures of John O’Grady AND Michael Coleman- a smart move considering Coleman’s popularity in this area and his kick-ass performance in the Columbus mayoral election last year.

From a marketing perspective, the O’Grady pieces are the clear winner.

But, I suppose, that shouldn’t be a surprise since neither of the O’Grady pieces actually came from the O’Grady campaign. One was paid for by the Ohio Democratic Party and the other came from the Franklin County Dems.

The Lazarus mailers, on the other hand, came directly from her campaign. And they took a totally different approach: actually providing information about the candidate.

The mailers provide details about Cindy’s experience as well as the things she’d like to accomplish as Franklin County commissioner.

My favorite part was the tag line: The People’s Choice.

“Our next County Commissioner will be chosen by the people… not by a small group of politicians.”

And THAT is what she should be pushing.

The rest of it provides good information but, unfortunately, is much too dense to be an effective mailer.

It’s kind of sad, really, because even though she’s the most experienced candidate, most voters are never going to know.

From a marketing perspective, the Lazarus mailers aren’t going to do much for her campaign- especially up against the very visual and familiar green O’Grady stuff.

Let’s hope her robo-calls are better. I have them on the answering machine- and I’ll be writing about them later this weekend.

Pictures of the actual direct mail pieces below…