From the Hillary Clinton campaign

COLUMBUS – Building on Hillary’s wide base of support throughout the state, Ohioans for Hillary today announced a number of grassroots campaign activities for Hillary that will take place throughout the Hawkeye State this weekend. These grassroots events come on the heels of Hillary’s two-day swing across Ohio and precede President Clinton’s visit to the state on Sunday, February 17th.

Hillary’s local supporters are going to go door to door in Cincinnati for Hillary Saturday morning.

They’ll be meeting at 10:30 am at Pleasant Ridge Community Center at 5915 Ridge Ave and will then go door to door from there

Um…that’s Iowa. You lost that one already, remember?

(ht Politics Extra)

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  • Modern Esquire

    And Michelle Obama said today at OSU:
    “We’re going to win Iowa — Ohio,” she said to a cheering and forgiving crowd. “We’re going to win Ohio just like we won Iowa,” she smiled. “That’s what I was trying to say.”


  • Good boy Modern. Good boy.

    Now SIT!

    …at least she recovered well. Gotta PROOFREAD before sending PR. That machine is awful rusty…and jittery lately.

  • Comparing an immediately corrected slip of the tongue by a candidate’s *spouse* to material put out by an official campaign seems like a bit of a reach.

  • #3: He’s been reaching for over a week now…

  • Modern Esquire

    Yes, reaching for the truth…. 🙂

  • Balance! Balance!

    You’ve distorted like no other my man. You know this. 😉

  • Is that door to door in Sioux City or Cinci?

    Modern, you damn well there’s a difference b/n speech and text. Suppose you flub in court/deposition/wherever but recover well, no one thinks twice. But submit a brief with a blatant error, and well, people think you’re an idiot.

    Just admit it Modern, you love the Hillz. Give up the charade.

  • Hawk-eye / Buck-eye… they both south kind of the same. (Just like Iowa and Ohio).

    But since both Hillary and Michelle are from Illinois- a state that pretty much sits right between Iowa and Ohio- you’d think they could get it right.

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