Ted Strickland, Democratic Governor of Ohio, has placed his wager on Hillary Clinton and has formally endorsed her. I thought It might be useful to take a look at some other governors of states and see what the people had to say in each of those states:

State – Governor – Position – People’s Outcome

Colorado- Bill Ritter- Undecided- Barack Obama
Delaware – Ruth Ann Minner- Hillary Clinton – Barack Obama
Maine John Baldacci – Hillary Clinton- Barack Obama
Maryland – Martin O’Malley – Hillary Clinton – Barack Obama

Could our governor be on the wrong side of this one too?

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  • John F.

    Just look at Strickland’s district. He knows how to play the race issue and would have never endorsed a black guy.

  • Modern Esquire

    John. F.- That’s just ignorant.
    Eric- shouldn’t there be a more comprehensive list?

    You cite three examples of when a Governor endorsed Clinton in states she later lost.

    I don’t know the answer to this, but how many Governors have endorsed Clinton in States she won?

    And vice versa, what about Governors who endorsed Obama (AZ, MA, etc…)?

  • No, ME. I’m not trying to be objective. I’m trying to win Obama the nomination. You can research and post that other stuff.

    There are also examples of the Governor endorsing Obama and Clinton winning. My point is only that the Governor endorsement is not all that strong really, and in this case we should pay no attention to him.


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