I read this election complaint against Cindy Lazarus earlier today on BSB – but Jerid conveniently forgot to mention that the complaint came from the fucking the Franklin County Democratic Party!

According to the email I just got:

the Franklin County Democratic Party today filed an Ohio elections complaint against the Cindy Lazarus campaign. The complaint alleges multiple violates of Ohio election law.

My only guess is that O’Grady MUST have naked pictures of everybody in the FCDP- and maybe Chris Redfern too.

Why the hell else can’t they just wait 2 weeks until the primary election- and let the voters decide who they want?

  • bryan

    First and foremost, this is just my opinion. That being said…

    while i didnt file the complaint, i think youre post missses the point.

    a democratic party endorsement means something in a democratic primary. it is absolutely within the right of the franklin county democratic party to support its endorsed candidate. in fact, 141 neighborhood leaders in the democratic party voted unanimously to endorse john o’grady.

    the fcdp complaint goes to the heart of our electoral process. people have a right to know who paid for the information they receive. it appears that lazarus did not do that.

    by the same token, i think it is refreshing to see the party keeping its own candidates in line. the republican party refused to do that — look where it got them.

  • Cindy Lazarus’s candidacy is allowing voters a real choice. Primaries are good, because they let regular people and not party bosses pick the candidates.

  • FCDP

    To quote Cindy Lazarus, “puh-leeze.” John O’Grady was endorsed by 141 neighborhood leaders of the Democratic Party. Calling the backbone of the local party a bunch of “party bosses” is disgusting.

  • dirtgirl

    Parties shouldn’t endorse in primaries. But does supporting a candidate mean trying to take down the opponent? Seems a bit over the top for a primary. The way they are being such bullies on behalf of John O’Grady has put me solidly in the Lazarus column.

  • Again- it makes me wonder what the party is afraid of.

    If O’Grady is such a great candidate- with over a hundred endorsements – then he should win easily.

    It isn’t like either side is wasting tons of money on the primary. I’ve gotten exactly one flier in the mail from each candidate (which I’ll post later) – and another from the party supporting O’Grady.

    Oh- and I got a call from O’Grady and one from Lazarus.

    All pretty inexpensive contacts.

    So what’s the problem?

    Is it her name recognition?

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