I’ll have a full report later on the amazing Obama organizing event in Columbus I attended earlier tonight but I thought longtime readers of PB would want to see this right away. Toward the end of the event I wandered to the front prepared to leave before something caught my eye. It was a head. A really unique head. I thought I recognized it. I thought to myself “no way”. The more I looked, the more I began to realize “yes way”. It took me a minute, but then someone spoke to the head and the head talked. Then I knew for sure. There before me standing in the middle of an Obama for America rally and field organizing event was none other than Matthew C. Naugle.

Yes, that Matt Naugle.

For a minute I was fooled into thinking it was someone else because my boy Matt had lost a bunch of weight. He really looked quite good. I should have probably talked to him and got some advice on how he cut it all. He looked great!

So the Obama message must be really strong to have penetrated this once staunch conservative hero. This is someone who once advocated for the execution of death row criminals on live pay-per -view and sending a bill for the bullet to the mother of the condemned. Now here he was standing in the middle of some 600 fired up people mouthing the words to the “Yes We Can” chant. It was truly quite inspiring. To think Obama has had this large of an affect on the hearts and minds of Ohioans – and I mean ALL Ohioans – was just a thing of beauty.

I hope you’ll join Matt and me in support of Senator Obama and his bid for the Presidency of the United States of America. Thanks for coming out Matt! Great to see you buddy!

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