You know how I know it’s an election year?

Because another Republican English-Only bill was just introduced in Ohio.

This time it’s coming from Rep. Robert Mecklenborg – who just happens to be facing a primary challenger on March 4th.

And what’s the best way to excite Republican voters weeks before an election?

By introducing legislation that shows just how much you really hate foreigners- of course.

Mecklenborg’s H. B. No. 477 would “require the use of the English language by state and local government entities in official actions and proceedings.”

It would also force all state and local agencies to “disclose how much it costs to provide services in languages other than English, and how they spent those funds.”

Thankfully this bill, like all the others, will never become law in Ohio.

But it shows that the GOP still hasn’t given up using hatred-of-others as a convenient tool for energizing republican voters.