I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this “who will Edwards endorse” question. My original thinking was that John would be an absolute fool and sully his reputation by endorsing Hillary Clinton. Obviously, his campaign message was one of change and he painted Hillary as a very part of what needed to change in Washington. Before seeing Obama as a true threat, he teamed up to hammer home this point with Barack in debates. Going Hillary now would seem like he was turning his back on all of that and make him a big hypocrite. I still feel this would be true, but I want it to happen. Here’s why.

Everytime the Clinton machine has been able to paint themselves as the underdog, they’ve surged and done well afterward. If Edwards were to come out for Obama now you’d not hear the end of how the boyz were ganging up on wee little Hillary and how unfair that is. It would galvanize a great deal of female support (for female’s sake) and put Hillary in a clear position as underdog – especially with Obama having pretty much all the momentum in the room at the moment. It would look (and be spun as) unfair to the first lady President.

Likewise, I’m not sure an Edwards endorsement at this point helps Obama all that much. It may have helped before Super Tuesday and provided him an opportunity to move ahead at that point and possibly have put this thing away by now, but at this point why bother? An Obama endorsement at this point could do more harm than good.

I’d rather have my guy’s supporters pissed and talking of back room deals and politics as usual. So endorse away John! Go Hillary!