Click on and it redirects to

  • I just read that back in November the same URL used to point to Ron Paul!

  • This is cybersquatting.

    And Mitt’s website is/was not dot org.

    So the redirect obviously has nothing to do with the Romney camp.

  • .org is not Mitt’s official website… MittRomney.COM is and that does not route to Huckabee.

    Someone else got .org beofre the campaign did and of course wanted a LOT of money for it I am sure

  • Mark, It’s not cybersquatting. It’s called being dumb enough to not register the 3 TLDs when you register a domain. This specifically is a form of typosquatting and the SC has ruled pretty consistently that the use of alternate domains as well as typos to criticize or parody the original domain is well within a person’s rights.

    But I agree with you that it has little to do with the Romney camp other than to show their complete incompetence in running an online campaign.

  • redirects to a story that quotes Mitt’s son claiming that his Dad might get back into the race due to the McCain scandal.
    A few months ago, redirected to a youtube video asking dems and indies to vote for romney in Michigan so that he will continue to spend tens of millions insulting other republicans.

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