I was hearing from blogs on the ground earlier that the Obama win might be big tonight. CNN is projecting an Obama win already (polls closed at 7pm). The prediction is based on exit polls, but it looks like it might be pretty close. They list it as 51/48 with 0% reporting – which cracks me up!

61/38 with 64%
62/37 with 36%
60/39 with 11%
62/37 now with 6%

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  • dirtgirl

    Expect them to call MD and DC immediately when the polls close at 8pm. Leaked exit polls suggest huge wins for Obama there too.

  • Yeah, I was hearing DC and Maryland might be big, but Virginia figured to be a bit more competitive. Not.

  • haha. Joe beat me by like 20 minutes. Too busy eating. Looks like the “polls have been wrong before” mantra was BS. They appear to be holding and then some.

  • dirtgirl

    well, then let’s hope the Ohio polls change before March 4

  • #4: Plenty of time. He’s closing…

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