On the heels of 3 blowout losses yesterday, the Clinton campaign sacks campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle.

Campaign spokesman Mo Elleithee said Solis Doyle was “not asked to step down” and that this has “nothing to do with the losses yesterday.” (ht FTR)

Uh huh. Right. Is this a dent in the Clinton machine? Are the wheels starting to wobble? Given the recent results and the discord here in Ohio of late between the two camps it’s clear that Ohio is becoming quite the Maginot Line for campaign Billary. They lose here and it’s over. We need an all hands effort until March 4th. The time is now. It wasn’t long ago that we were all talking about how little Ohio would matter. Not anymore.

It’s always a bad sign that the campaign manager gets tossed in mid stride…especially at such a critical time. The machine will probably tell you that “it’s a long campaign” and that “it taxes all of our families” and other such blah blah phrases. The reality? Patti wasn’t producing the kind of ground game that Team Billary wanted and she got shit canned. They can’t afford to have it happen in the firewall states in a few weeks.

Welcome to Ohio Maggie Williams. Let’s have some fun shall we?