From the daily archives: Sunday, February 10, 2008

Just to cap off a huge weekend for the Senator and future President, Obama wins a Grammy for the audio version of “Audacity of Hope”. Add that to his sweep yesterday and his stunning upset victory in Maine today and you don’t get much more momentum than that. Let’s hope Tuesday is more good news, too!

Obama Bomaye!

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CNN calls it

59/41 with 79% 87% reporting

The bad news just keeps on pouring in for Team Titanic. Deck chairs are currently being rearranged…

So much for Obama not being able to win in the Northeast. This along with yesterdays sweep is certainly big news. The O Train just keeps rolling right along!

Obama Bomaye!

Update: This map looks pretty nice (blue is for Obama, red for Clinton, purple is too close or tied – interesting color choice). Click it to see a live version.

Update Deux: Hell, here it is embeded!

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It’s not just Bush who seeks to quash any sign of dissent at public events. Team Billary seems to want to join in the suppression of free speech as well. The sign says “Not Another Clinton”:

They were threatened with arrest? What might they be arrested for? Love to know who the person is who threatened them with it as well. Would I be pissed if someone held up an anti-Obama sign at an Obama rally? Possibly. I don’t think I’d rip their sign up though, just shout them down. Threaten with arrest? Surely not!

(ht James Ruggerio […]

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On the heels of 3 blowout losses yesterday, the Clinton campaign sacks campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle.

Campaign spokesman Mo Elleithee said Solis Doyle was “not asked to step down” and that this has “nothing to do with the losses yesterday.” (ht FTR)

Uh huh. Right. Is this a dent in the Clinton machine? Are the wheels starting to wobble? Given the recent results and the discord here in Ohio of late between the two camps it’s clear that Ohio is becoming quite the Maginot Line for campaign Billary. They lose here and it’s over. We […]

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Obama Speech After 2/9 Sweep (Video)

On February 10, 2008 By

Full Obama speech at the Virginia Jefferson-Jackson Dinner tonight. Note his treatment of McCain. Hillary is doing the same thing and I think it makes sense for him to do as well given the momentum these impressive wins will give him. He talks in terms of going up against McCain in a general election. Given the recent polling showing Obama matching up better with McCain, this language will begin to make both future states and superdelegates think seriously about backing Barack. He’s made the war point before, but in the context of contrasting with Hillary. This sounds more like “I’m […]

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