In the words of our favorite Christofascists Presidential Candidate, “Jesus Christ!”. Having done what few politicians would in admitting past mistakes with drug and alchohol use, Obama is now getting criticized for…wait for it…

Not doing enough drugs!

Whatever. Let’s picture it. Occidental Veterans for Drug Use Truth! Did Obama make this all up to appear less high brow? Did he really smoke reefers with the cool kids or was he planning his Muslim takeover of the American political system already? These are surely questions that need to be answered!

Heh. Overall it’s a pretty decent article that deflects what could be future criticism of his admission of “actually inhaling”. That could be the point of it, too. He got it out there early and it was a pretty smart move. I won’t doubt though, that you will hear wingnuts jump all over the fact that he “may have embellished the story”. 3…2…1

Or maybe Hillary will play into it by saying “some of his friends don’t remember his past quite like he does…”, implying he’s a liar. Stay tuned. The story does seem like a tee up of some sort. Or they can just be happy that they got the NYT to mention drug use yet again! Don’t think of an elephant! See? You just did…

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