Update: I was just down and they are not officially open until Wednesday (2/13) and probably won’t have much stuff until then if then. Phone number is 612.968.7864

Expect the offices to open in Columbus on Monday or Tuesday. They are located at the following address:

193 East Rich St. (not Ritch) – ironically pretty close to the ORP 😉

No phone number as yet, but will update all on that. The campaign is looking for the following things to get up and running:

Desks (any type)
Long rectangular tables
Chairs (again any)
Folks willing to pick up and deliver furniture

Also, if you haven’t joined an Obama group yet, there are 3 main ones to join if you are in Cbus: Ohioans for Obama, Columbus for Obama, and Central Ohioans for Obama. Get busy!

If you have anything for the campaign to use please email me at eric@plunderbund.com and let me know. I might be able to pick it up for you and take down. Will advise as lists of things and tasks gets updated from the campaign.

Obama Bomaye!

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