I’ll sum it up this way: Hillary’s face was not on CNN at all. Except for the time that she was giving a speech and completely ignoring being shut out. Note to Billary: It’s polite to congratulate your opponent on a good win. Tonight was a good win. Let’s review:

Louisiana: Obama 55% Hillary 38%

Nebraska: Obama 68% Hillary 32%

Washington: Obama 68% Hillary 31%

Hillary is not going to be able to ignore the results in Ohio. I’m not ready to predict a win at this point, but some close friends are. I hope he’s right. It could be close though. Quite a bit more to do before we’ll be able to tell.

Oh, and the PeeDee endorses Obama, saying:

But in a campaign where history matters, she carries an inordinate amount of baggage. Who wants to relive the soap operas of the 1990s?

Bill Clinton says his wife excelled at “making positive changes in other people’s lives.” Consider that construction. Then listen as Obama talks of bringing people together to change their own lives.

America needs a fresh start. Barack Obama is the Democrat to provide it.

…that about says it.