Can I ask WTF he is waiting for? My man is playing it safe and looking to latch on to either camp. I find this weak, uninspiring, and typical. Not something I expected from the fighter from the Carolinas. My original ticket was Edwards/Obama and I think they could have done some great things together. They still can. All John has to do is look destiny in the face and step up to the plate. Stop playing the politically safe move and advocate for real and lasting change.

Come on John. What are you waiting for?

I will loose a great deal of respect for the Senator if he just hops on whichever bandwagon has wheels left…

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  • Really it’s in the party’s best interest for him to endorse pretty soon.

    Obviously I’d prefer it was for Obama- but either way it’s best if we avoid a long, expensive primary battle.

    Maybe both candidates can just agree not to pick him as their running mate so he doesn’t have any incentive to wait.

  • Eric, I agree, and what’s more frustrating is that it’s the same kind of wait and see attitude from progressives that doomed the Edwards campaign in the first place, as I wrote at my site when he dropped out. Because so many progressives refuse to publicly back a candidate, they rob progressive candidates of the widespread support they ought to enjoy from the left.

    It’s not just Edwards. Where’s Kos? Where’s Gore? Where are the great liberal bloggers and writers?

    Pick a friggin candidate already. I didn’t care for Strickland’s endorsement.. but at least he made it early, and stood up to be counted. I admire him for that.

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