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Lazarus 1, O’Grady 50,000+

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Ok so maybe John O’Grady doesn’t have fifty thousand endorsements- but it sure seems like that given the number of damn emails I’ve received from him lately.

Not just emails- also facebook friend invites, phone calls and crap I received in the mail…

O’Grady endorsed by ODP Chairman Chris Redfern: Jan 16 O’Grady, Goodwin trade endorsements: Jan 24 Former U.S., Ohio Treasurer Mary Ellen Withrow endorsed O’Grady: Jan 28 Treasurer Cordray endorses John O’Grady: Jan 29 Former ODP Chairs back O’Grady: Jan 30

etc., etc.

I get it. EVERYONE is endorsing John O’Grady for Franklin County Commissioner.

All of the […]

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Obama Swag Finally Here!

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I feel like Ralphie when he went out to the mailbox to get his decoder ring:

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via Wonkette (ht BSB):

…a building manager in Clinton, Iowa found in the wake of Hillary’s team a befouled dungheap where once there was a pleasant six-room suite. The chairwoman of the Clinton County Democrats said she was “shocked” and “frustrated” to hear about what a pack of savages the Clinton team had been.

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Can I ask WTF he is waiting for? My man is playing it safe and looking to latch on to either camp. I find this weak, uninspiring, and typical. Not something I expected from the fighter from the Carolinas. My original ticket was Edwards/Obama and I think they could have done some great things together. They still can. All John has to do is look destiny in the face and step up to the plate. Stop playing the politically safe move and advocate for real and lasting change.

Come on John. What are you waiting for?

I will loose […]

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Only complaint on this one is you don’t call your shit viral. If it’s viral, it’ll go viral. The good Congressman knows this. He’s a viral video rock star. Just do your thing and we’ll take care of the viral. 😉

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