I figured this all along really despite the other insider info that was coming out. The Dems will debate in Columbus to battle over the Buckeye State. Today I got two good sources telling me the same thing: Expect an Obama/Clinton debate in Columbus. No other details. There have been others with sources close to CNN saying the same thing. My bet would be if you are in Cleveland, come on down! We’ll have a beer after. 😉

So I guess ME can be the one to “suck it“. LOL

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  • Modern Esquire

    I’m sorry you were saying:

    So, you’ll publicly apologize?

  • Apologize? For what? Blogging? I replied to you over there. We’ll have to wait and see. Do you plan on apologizing if it happens? I don’t see a need either way really and won’t look for one.

    I have no idea how you get “it’s official” out of that still.

  • Modern Esquire

    You’re right, Eric. How silly of me for saying that when the Obama campaign’s official spokesman, in his official capacity, offically stated that the official position of the campaign was that they did not intend on participating on the Ohio debate and officially began to make its official case why it shouldn’t matter, that meant the campaign officially said there would be no Ohio debate. Campaigns always put forth surrogates with talking points to justify something they have no intent on actually doing. How silly of me.

    You’re right that I should not have discounted the fact that Obama, like a typical politican, left himself some wiggle room to change his mind later if it turns out that the public does accept their official position. But it doesn’t change the fact that the official position today is that he does not intend to participate in an Ohio debate. The fact that he may flip-flop later doesn’t change the fact that his campaign said they have no present intention of participating.

    Instead of trying to spin this and insulting my intelligence, why not just support my position that Obama should participate in the debate and encourage him to change his mind?

    Would that kill you?

  • #3: Show me evidence of an “official” position stating they will not participate? I seriously don’t see it.

    I’d love to see a debate. Hope it happens and think it will. If not, I’ll let them answer to the political fallout, if any. Your claim that they’ve pulled out officially and canceled the debate is simply NOT TRUE. You can make the claim that they don’t want to – and nobody disputes that. Why would they with a cash advantage? You do still have to get elected, right? You still have to play the game. Even if you are a visionary change leader. The game doesn’t go away.

    Personally I think we can pencil in OH for Hillary now and save all the carpel tunnel.

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