Tim has a revealing post over at BSB: Obama raising $54 per second

He’s amazed. As am I and others. It’s just unprecedented. The crazy thing is that the money is coming from people like you and me. I’m not able to max out on anyone at $2,300 a pop. I was one of the ones to toss a Benjamin Barack’s way though. I’ll probably do so again.

I made this point just after Super Tuesday and it bears repeating now. Given that half of what Obama is taking in is in online donations of $200 or less, he will be able to go back to that well over and over. Hell, $100-200 per month to change the world seems like a small price to pay. Hillary, on the other hand, is taking in donations mostly at the $2,300 maximum level. I’d rather have millions of small donations that I can keep tapping. Once you’ve maxed, you’ve maxed. There is no going back to that well.

Let me comment on this $5 million loan for a minute. I think this is so much political spin, to be honest, and the media is playing right into it. Team Billary knows they need to take away the underdog mantle from Obama and this is yet another way to do it. I don’t think there’s that big of a cash disparity between the two. I think they WANT everyone to think that. I don’t think their base is as motivated as the Obama base and this is a way to scare them into getting active and donating. Maybe I’m just overly cynical – politics tends to do that to you over time – but I’d put my money on this being a deft political move. I don’t think it’s as it seems at all. Hillary loaning 5 mil. Staffers working without pay. Blah blah blah blah.

So given this disparity in the types of donations coming in, I’d think it safe to say who the “establishment” Democrat is and who the “change” Democrat is. The people seem to know the difference. Isn’t that all that matters?

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