CNN is reporting and I’m watching him live now giving a speech. Banging on Islam and “jihadists” – apparently McCain folks talked to him and asked for some paving of the way.

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  • drmuzik

    No mormon in my white house! Go and wash that sacred underwear of yours.

  • It’s certainly not the Mormonism I feared most!

  • Its too bad that he had to deal with the shit like comment #1.

  • #3: I totally agree with you Ben. There’s no place for that in our country. I feel the same about that as I do my daughter being told by another 9 year old that she was going to hell for not believing in God – in school!



  • #3: Speaking of which Ben, how do you feel about the smears on Obama for a. A religion he doesn’t practice and b. A religion he does?

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