This is a Plunderbund exclusive. A reader sent us the transcript of a short conference call with John McCain and top wingnut radio personalities ahead of his appearance at a Conservative Political Action Committee meeting:

McCain: Don’t hit me anymore…Oh God, I pray to God you don’t hit me anymore. I’ll do anything you say, but I can’t take anymore.
Limbaugh: You got your mind right, John?
McCain: Yeah. I got it right. I got it right, boss.
Hannity: Suppose you’s back-slide on us?
McCain: Oh no I won’t. I won’t, boss.
Limbaugh: Suppose you’s to back-sass?
McCain: No I won’t. I won’t. I got my mind right.
Savage: You go soft again, we gonna kill ya.
McCain: I won’t, I won’t, boss.

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  • Modern Esquire

    Did McCain deliberately bring up immigration to get booed to make him appealable to moderates?

    I mean the conservatives at CPAC all got their red meat, while the news clips seen by Middle America was him being booed for not being an extremist xenophobe on immigration.

    Do you think McCain got it both ways? Placated the conservatives while getting a clip that shows him disfavored by the extremist in his party?

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