I disagree with ME over at BSB in his take that “they both won“. California, of course, is big. My guess is that early voting might have given the state to Hillary, missing the big move Obama made late. The delegate count will probably not be as big as a ten point win would indicate.

Obama won the state battle 13-8 and may have even won the delegate battle, though not by much. You have to remember that we are talking about a race that was supposed to be over. Hillary not long ago was “inevitable”. Super Tuesday was to be when they put Obama on the mat and marched on to the nomination. That’s not even remotely close to happening. My take is now Obama has her on her heels again, but will need another big win to get over the hump. The Clinton camp thus far has been able to answer his big wins by evening up the battle. Obama, though, has proven time and time again that the longer he gets to spend in front of voters the better he does. Time, is in fact, on his side.

Can you argue that this was basically a draw? Sure. Can you claim your side won? Sure. it was that close. The delegate count is within the 50-100 I predicted it might be overall. But to not see that Obama now has more momentum given his dramatic closing late and ability to make this a race? You’re just not wanting to see it. You just get the feeling that Hillary is trying hard to hold on and run out the clock while Obama is making a run.

Obama also has the money to compete from now into March. He also hasn’t tapped out all of his support financially. He has many who gave $50 or $100 only once and will do so again if not more. I see his fundraising going bonkers after last night. The other thing Barack continues to prove to us is that he can win all over America: Alabama and Georgia in the south, Colorado, Missouri, Minnesota, Kansas, Delaware, Connecticut, New Mexico*, North Dakota, and Utah.

When you listen to the two of them, it continues to amaze me that you would go away wanting to vote for Hillary – unless you have already decided. Obama, as expected, hit one out again in his speech last night:

Two things stand out for me going forward:

1. Other states, including Ohio, are going to matter and matter big.

2. What the hell is Edwards waiting on? He must be getting promised the world from the Hillary camp. It’s obvious now that more of his supporters naturally want to get behind Obama. Will the good Senator from North Carolina please stand up?

So I get the feeling that Hillary met late expectations (revised from earlier inevitability) while Obama exceeded them. So you tell me who won.