Work and political blogging collide a bit today as we are running a webinar on election year direct mail printing opportunities. The content is mostly geared toward printers, but any campaign types and hardcore politicos might get a good sense for the impact direct mail has on elections. Feel free to join us at 2pm EST (-5 GMT)

One Vote – One Mailbox: Leveraging Election Print Opportunities

Wednesday, February 6th at 2:00pm EST (-5 GMT) Sponsored by BCC Software and MCS Incorporated

The race to reach the coveted, great American vote is well underway. The politicians participating in the presidential election of 2008 are out of their starting blocks and moving quickly down the lane identified by their respective party affiliations. Tacticians, strategists, pollsters, statisticians, advisors, campaign managers have held physical or virtual meetings to formulate their plans to enable their candidate to be the first to reach and capture the hearts and/or minds of United States citizens over the age of 18. What does all of this mean for the printing industry, and how can printers best capitalize on this business opportunity?

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