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Michael Moore Endorses Obama!

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Normally I won’t watch CNN at this time of night because I can’t stand Larry King and his HORRIBLE guests.

But, flipping through channels, I just came across Michael Moore on Larry King, so I stuck it out for a few minutes because I’m a fan of Mr. Moore.

And here is what I just heard from Mike, regarding his lack of support for Hillary: “her vote for the war makes it morally impossible for me to vote for her” in the primary.

Right on, Mike!

Right on.

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Today Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates admitted that “military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan would cost about $170 billion in fiscal 2009, bringing the total cost to about $1 trillion.”

That’s a 1 followed by 12 zeros!

And while the so-called “conservatives” have been relatively quiet- and sometimes even supportive- of this huge, sucking, money-hole of a war- then seem to have no problem whining about the Democratic candidates’ plans to provide healthcare to all americans which, in comparison, if very inexpensive AND actually helps out americans instead of just getting them killed in some foreign desert.

Given that […]

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I was warned that Governor Ted Strickland’s State of the State speech was going to be pretty boring- but I had no problem watching it from start to finish- and that’s pretty rare for me.

As a matter of fact- I found it really pretty good- especially compared to the recent State of the Union speech given by Bush- which I had to turn off after just a few minutes.

Like all State-of-the-X style speeches this one included a list of initiatives and goals for the upcoming year and, after a quick review of the poor economic […]

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from Maureen Dowd:

Better the devil you know than the diffident debutante you don’t. Better to go with the Clintons, with all their dysfunction and chaos — the same kind that fueled the Republican hate machine — than to risk the chance that Obama would be mauled like a chew toy in the general election. Better to blow off all the inspiration and the young voters, the independents and the Republicans that Obama is attracting than to take a chance on something as ephemeral as hope. Now that’s Cheney-level paranoia.

No thanks.

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Obama Gains Most from Super Tuesday

On February 6, 2008 By

I disagree with ME over at BSB in his take that “they both won“. California, of course, is big. My guess is that early voting might have given the state to Hillary, missing the big move Obama made late. The delegate count will probably not be as big as a ten point win would indicate.

Obama won the state battle 13-8 and may have even won the delegate battle, though not by much. You have to remember that we are talking about a race that was supposed to be over. Hillary not long ago was “inevitable”. Super Tuesday […]

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Work and political blogging collide a bit today as we are running a webinar on election year direct mail printing opportunities. The content is mostly geared toward printers, but any campaign types and hardcore politicos might get a good sense for the impact direct mail has on elections. Feel free to join us at 2pm EST (-5 GMT)

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The race to reach the coveted, great American vote is well underway. The politicians participating in the […]

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Go Huck!

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Isha birfday!

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Rusty Cage

Original by Soundgarden:

Now Cash:

Eric says: Cash is the winner by a knockout

Email LNMF suggestions to

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