Obama surges in polls

Hillary Cries Again

If you are a fan of polls, then Obama’s late surge is nothing short of spectacular, and would make me cry too. Heh. I’m not the biggest fan, but I do watch them. I can tell you this. If it were my candidate, I’d want to be the surging one and not the waning one trying to fend off the other. This thing has the feel of an actual horserace with the jockeying for position fierce as they round the final turn.

My thinking on Super Tuesday goes something like this: We won’t have a winner. I think Obama is going to have a big day. If the Omentum continues. Hillary will hold her own. They will both come out of this singing victory and that the voice of the Democratic Party has spoken, etc. John Edwards will find it even harder to figure out who to endorse, but his nod could very well tip the balance in the nomination. I’ve seen many reports of his supporters going to Obama – especially in California. One thing for certain is that it will be an exciting night. If you dig politics you can’t ask for much more.

…and down the stretch they come!

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