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Keno in Context

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The national economy is in sorry shape. Whatever the reason, the crappy economy means states, having less money coming in from traditional streams, are looking at ways to trim costs and increase revenue from alternative sources.

For example Governor Strickland recently announced that Ohio could raise around $73 million by adding video Keno to the list of games already run by the lottery commission.

The announcement has, of course, drawn fire from wingnut groups like Citizens for Community Values- while also receiving praise from many businesses (e.g. horse-racing tracks, bars and private clubs).

Personally- I think it’s […]

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Obama = Mac
Clinton = PC

via Noam Cohen at NYT (ht Dave at PO)

On one thing, the experts seem to agree. The differences between and can be summed up this way: Barack Obama is a Mac, and Hillary Clinton is a PC.

I became a Mac guy about a year ago. Will be for life now. They’re that good.

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Obama surges in polls

Hillary Cries Again

If you are a fan of polls, then Obama’s late surge is nothing short of spectacular, and would make me cry too. Heh. I’m not the biggest fan, but I do watch them. I can tell you this. If it were my candidate, I’d want to be the surging one and not the waning one trying to fend off the other. This thing has the feel of an actual horserace with the jockeying for position fierce as they round the final turn.

My thinking on Super Tuesday goes something […]

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Paul Loeb at HuffPo has the commentary. What if what Obama is galvanizing in the youth vote ould cement itself into a long-term Democratic majority?

Commentators are talking, and rightly so, about how young voters are flocking to Barack Obama. Their overwhelming support gave Obama his Iowa margin, kept him just a few points behind in New Hampshire and Nevada, and contributed to his massive South Carolina victory. Young voters haven’t always turned out historically, but they’re responding to Obama’s message, and together with his equally massive support from African Americans and strong appeal to independents, their passionate […]

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