Bill Cohen has an interesting piece in the Cleveland Jewish News this weekend about the recent increase in the number of Jewish leaders in Ohio’s state government including Lee Fisher (Lt. Gov.), Marc Dann (Attorney General), Richard Levin (Tax Commissioner) and Eric Fingerhut (Board of Regents).

One of the big points of the article is that the religion of these office holders seems to be a non-issue with most Ohioans- which is great news!

The bad news, unfortunately, is that there are still people out there who WILL make it an issue.

For example, I found the link to Bill’s article on a Google Group sponsored by the International White Federation. It was accompanied by this comment from the organziation’s founder:

Jews, jews, everywhere in power! IsnĀ“t it time to take the power back, white people? R. James

I did a little research into this R. James character and it turns out he’s an ignorant, classless, racist nutjob. You only need to check out his enemies list to understand what I mean. (Warning: If you click this link you WILL be offended and probably REALLY pissed off for the next few days)

He’s enemies include actress Angelina Jolie because she once played a jewish character in a movie made “by the JEW producers that control Hollywood” and because she “adopted a little dark gook instead of giving birth to a white baby”.

He then lists at least three horrible, unrepeatable ways in which he hopes she is killed and then calls her “a traitor” to white people who “will pay someday” for her “racial treachery”.

See what I mean about CRAZY?

And if a few Jewish politicians in Ohio are making these guys mad- just THINK what the presidential race is doing: A half-black democrat running against a republican with an adopted Bangladeshi baby who inherited Lieberman’s Jewish Joementum?


I’m pretty sure both sides have given up on winning the crazy racist demographic- except maybe for Ron Paul.