Jill doesn’t like the idea of “joining”. Here’s my response to this feeling of reticence to “join”. Sure you don’t ever like to just join something because all the cool kids are doing it or because someone knocks on your door and infers you might go straight to hell if you don’t.

I’d argue what Obama brings to the table is all together different. I’ve razzed Jill before about the fact that she seems a bit tone deaf to the reasons for the massive Obama support. It’s about the deep desire to see things become different than they have been. It’s about tapping into that which can’t easily be explained – The American Psyche. It is also something that is unique to each individual person. For me, it’s a wiping of the slate. A fresh start. When things get so screwed up as to be almost unrecognizable, you wipe the slate clean and seek a fresh new start. My opinion is that the Bush years have placed us perfectly in that spot. I also believe that Obama is perfectly positioned to be the wiping of the slate. The redemption we seek as a country. From our recent past as Neo-conservative nightmare and partisan insanity and our long historical past of racial inequality. Barack represents the chance to turn that page and move forward.

Americans have always wanted to believe the best days are ahead and Obama symbolizes that like no other. He articulates it like no other. You don’t “join” just because you are being asked to. You “join” because your desire to create a new page in American history and to move forward in a positive direction lines up with the message that Obama is delivering. Guess what? When you started blogging and commenting on other blogs you “joined” the blogosphere. You didn’t just do it because all the other cools kids were I assume. You can also join the Obama movement for similar reasons – because you are moved to. In the end, though, it’s up to you. We’ll be here waiting and we have some nice welcome gifts for anyone new who “joins”.

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