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Spitting mad. Disgusted. Complete dismay. Saddened.

All ways of describing what I saw while reading the Dispatch “Insight” section at my in-laws this morning. Ordinarily I don’t get to see stuff like this because I don’t subscribe to newspapers – It’s too easy to get what I need for free in my RSS and the content is often much better. My information gathering is at the tip of my fingers so I don’t feel compelled to wait for a car to drive by and toss me what they give me in the form of their “news”. (but I digress)

Today The Dispatch decides to print some absolute poo in their letters to the editor section:


The Dispatch, Glenn Shelter (Editorial Page Editor), and Ben Marrison (Dispatch Editor) should know better. Here we thought the blogosphere was that no-man’s land that was an anarchical wild west of smears, jeers, and outright misinformation! It looks like the old media is either trying hard to keep up with the blog model or they were no better to begin with. They’ve officially stooped to the Scott Pullins gutter politik with this one.

These inferred attacks on the good Senator have been so thoroughly debunked that it is just breathtaking in it’s irresponsibility to publish such a thing. Islamic roots? Attended school in “Islamic Indonesia”. PLEASE. This John A. Hughes character is a great example of the type of vile Republican puke that gives the party a bad name and will be the reason they continue to lose power and influence. Since John is so big on his Internets research maybe we should do some on him. Plug “John A. Hughes Ohio” into Google and give that a whirl on the tubes. Don’t have too much fun though kids!

I think every progressive or left leaning blogger (Hillary fans included) should call on the Dispatch to run a piece correcting this slanted and misinformed hit piece. Every reader of such blogs should also call and/or write the Dispatch and tell them that this kind of journalism will not stand!

To write, use letters@dispatch.com
To call, 614-461-5072, Glenn Shelter

Samples to get you started writing after the jump. Let them hear from you via letters and phone. Then after that, get on the horn and do some virtual phonebanking for Obama (especially those who habla espanol!)

Sample letters (use as a guide, but speak with your own voice):

I am absolutely outraged that the Columbus Dispatch printed a letter questioning Barack Obama’s Christian faith and hinting that he is a Muslim. As an Obama supporter, we have been fighting this type of scare tactic and smear for a while. I never got too fired up about it, because the ideas were in e-mail forwards that only fools would believe. Somehow, your paper decided to print these lies and propaganda. What ever happened to journalistic integrity? The Dispatch must apologize for printing such a misleading letter. It needs to be in a prominent place in the newspaper, preferrably on the letters page. If you don’t, I will cancel my subscription immediately.

I was shocked to see a letter today (February 3, 2008) entitled, “Don’t Take Oprah’s Word on Obama,” in which the author questions whether Senator Barack Obama is a Christian. I don’t understand how journalistic integrity could allow such a letter (more resembling one of those widely circulated smear emails) to be printed in a prominent newspaper like The Columbus Dispatch. The only explanation I can imagine is that the Dispatch wants to further spread the lie that Senator Obama is not who he says he is. I hope that tomorrow I will read on your editorial page a sincere apology for succumbing to the temptation to get caught up in the fear and prejudice which characterized that shameful letter!

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