From the daily archives: Sunday, February 3, 2008

Jill doesn’t like the idea of “joining”. Here’s my response to this feeling of reticence to “join”. Sure you don’t ever like to just join something because all the cool kids are doing it or because someone knocks on your door and infers you might go straight to hell if you don’t.

I’d argue what Obama brings to the table is all together different. I’ve razzed Jill before about the fact that she seems a bit tone deaf to the reasons for the massive Obama support. It’s about the deep desire to see things […]

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Update: Others posting: Jerid at BSB, Sloat at the DB

Spitting mad. Disgusted. Complete dismay. Saddened.

All ways of describing what I saw while reading the Dispatch “Insight” section at my in-laws this morning. Ordinarily I don’t get to see stuff like this because I don’t subscribe to newspapers – It’s too easy to get what I need for free in my RSS and the content is often much better. My information gathering is at the tip of my fingers so I don’t feel compelled to wait for a car to drive by and toss me what […]

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Why would this be happening?:

Breaking News: Pro-Clinton push poll erupts in California

Maybe it’s because of this:

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Yes We Can (Video)

On February 3, 2008 By

Yes we can:

…and we must!

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Bill Cohen has an interesting piece in the Cleveland Jewish News this weekend about the recent increase in the number of Jewish leaders in Ohio’s state government including Lee Fisher (Lt. Gov.), Marc Dann (Attorney General), Richard Levin (Tax Commissioner) and Eric Fingerhut (Board of Regents).

One of the big points of the article is that the religion of these office holders seems to be a non-issue with most Ohioans- which is great news!

The bad news, unfortunately, is that there are still people out there who WILL make it an issue.

For example, I found the link to […]

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