Got this IM’d from a colleague who lives in the area. Simply amazing:

Taking a look around, we started to see a lot of Barack Obama stickers and shirts. Sure enough, he was coming to town. 30 minutes later, the line extended through the Minneapolis skyway system for almost three blocks…As we drove away from downtown, the line to get see Obama was unbelievably long. Literally thousands of people were in line waiting to get in to hear the presidential canidate speak.

Check out this photo:


Buddy seems to think Obama will win MN. Certainly looks like there is something going on there!

Obama Bomaye!

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  • I heard the same thing happened in Boise, ID…

    The Obama rally there drew 15,000 people- cars as far as the eye could see.

    To understand the scope of this: only 5,000 came showed up for the Idaho Democratic CAUCUSES in 2004! And this was just a rally.

    Obama CAN inspire people- even the mostly-white people in a really-conservative state like Idaho!

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