It’s crap like this that makes me doubt man’s “innate goodness.”

A female Indian rhino and her calf have been killed for their horns in Kaziranga National Park, India.

The female survived for 35 hours after the attack, but slowly bled to death after her horn was sawn off and shot twice by poachers.

There’s a picture. It’s brutally graphic. I don’t recommend you look at it.

Dr Bibhab Kumar Talukdar, from Aaranyak, a conservation charity based in India, told BBC News: “The vet tried to save her but it was not possible.

“It is the first time I have seen a rhino struggle to survive for 35 hours after having their horn sawn off.”

The attack took place under the cover of darkness on 19 January. The next morning the female was found in a critical condition. She struggled to survive until 21 January.

Animal ambassador David Shepherd said: “Can man, the most lethal animal on the planet, sink any lower in depravity just to make money?

“In 50 years of conservation, I have seldom seen such a sickening example of wildlife abuse. I love rhinos and they deserve a better fate than this.”

I’m no PETA-esque animal-rights nut. I eat meat. I’m not opposed to hunting (provided you actually use what you take). I have problems with poaching (illegal hunting), usually because the laws are in place for a good reason (conservation of an endangered species, resource management, etc). But what I really have a problem with is this kind of wanton wasteful brutal cruelty. If you’re going to kill an endangered animal to take it’s horn (and waste the rest), at least have the fucking decency to ensure the animal doesn’t suffer needless pain.

Sometimes, people really suck.

(Yeah, cruelty to a rhino doesn’t even compare to the fact that we’ve tortured people to death in secret US prisons. It’s less relevant to us than the way we treat destitute people here in our own country every day. But goddamnit, sometimes you read something that just sets you off. This set me off. Give me a high powered rifle and a month of paid leave, and I’d gladly set off on a safari to bag some poachers.)