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John Edwards Movie Trailer (Video)

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I hear this is playing on TV in South Carolina. Not bad. Not bad at all. Old boy could well get 2nd in SC.

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Great cartoon by one of my favorites, Matt Bors:

(click here to view) Matt Bors
Village Voice, Cleveland Free ?
Jan 23, 2008

You should check out his stuff (that CREAM tees is a favorite of some)

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First – there be some language in these songs. So check yoself before you wreck yoself.

Second, this might be the greatest song/video combo ever: it’s OBD’s “Gimme My Money”. (Or maybe I’m biased because I do a mean ODB impersonation, and it makes my wife giggle.)

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It seems Saudi Arabia has decided to grant women the privilege* of driving, but it’s not as well-intentioned as it might seem.

Saudi Arabia is to lift its ban on women drivers in an attempt to stem a rising suffragette-style movement in the deeply conservative state.

Government officials have confirmed the landmark decision and plan to issue a decree by the end of the year.

The move is designed to forestall campaigns for greater freedom by women, which have recently included protesters driving cars through the Islamic state in defiance of a threat of detention and loss of livelihoods.


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I posted yesterday about a project undertaken by the The Center for Public Integrity that involved building a database of speeches, briefings, interviews, testimony, etc. of key Bush administration officials following 9/11 and leading up to the war in Iraq.

Today I started playing with the database and all I can say is WOW! Looking at all of this in one place really gives you a new understanding of the scope of the Bush administration’s well-organized manipulation of the facts leading up to the war in Iraq.

For example, a search for the word Evil returns 85 results […]

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Coulter Attacks McCain

On January 23, 2008 By

I love when wingnuts attack each other- especially when they accuse each other of not being conservative enough or- even better- on crap that doesn’t matter at all like age.

A few minutes ago WordNetDaily posted a piece by Ann Coulter that starts like this:

John McCain is Bob Dole minus the charm, conservatism and youth. Like McCain, pollsters assured us that Dole was the most “electable” Republican. Unlike McCain, Dole didn’t lie all the time while claiming to engage in Straight Talk.

Keep up the good work, Ann! We love it when you attack your own… Even […]

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The Center for Public Integrity has just released a study showing Bush and other key administration officials made a concerted effort to build a case for war in Iraq through hundreds of false statements.

The study analyzes speeches, briefings, interviews, testimony, etc. of key administration officials in the two years following 9/11 and it yields some amazing statistics…

President Bush, for example, made 232 false statements about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and another 28 false statements about Iraq’s links to Al Qaeda. Secretary of State Powell had the second-highest total in the two-year period, with 244 false […]

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Jane Roe Endorses Ron Paul

On January 22, 2008 By

At a press conference in Washington this morning Norma McCorvey (a.k.a. “Jane Roe”) officially endorsed Ron Paul! According to the pro-choice icon turned anti-abortion activist:

“I support Ron Paul for president because we share the same goal, that of overturning Roe v. Wade. He has never wavered on the issue of being pro-life and has a voting record to prove it. He understands the importance of civil liberties for all, including the unborn”

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On this day in 1973 the US Supreme Court debated Roe v. Wade and decided (7 to 2) in favor of a woman’s right to choose.

And today- on the 35th Anniversary of Roe v Wade – John McCain promised to fight against that monumental decision- threatening to turn back the clock on women’s rights three and a half decades.

Unfortunately, McCain wasn’t available to make these threats himself. Instead, he had Sam Brownback read a prepared statement on his behalf to a crowd of anti-choice, wingnut activists in DC.

In the statement McCain calls Roe v Wade judicial […]

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Heath Ledger, dead at 28

On January 22, 2008 By

What exactly happened is unclear, but Australian actor Heath Ledger had died this afternoon, apparently of an overdose of over-the-counter sleeping medication. It’s not politics, and it’s not something that impacts the lives of everyday people. But as a film buff (and one who has been eagerly awaiting the upcoming Batman film The Dark Knight), this is… well, “distressing” is not the right word, nor “upsetting”… let’s go with “disappointing”, especially since Ledger didn’t appear to be a figure involved in Britney-Spearsesque self-destructive behavior. Ledger was a talented young actor. The previews for The Dark Knight hint at a […]

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So long Fred. Good game. Nice hand.

True conservatives are seen weeping as The U.S.S. Reagan II goes down.

Fred Thompson said:

“Today I have withdrawn my candidacy for President of the United States. I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort. Jeri and I will always be grateful for the encouragement and friendship of so many wonderful people.”

Jackie is really upset too:

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