• Bruno

    Obama is for change….Is this change?? This was almost 50 years ago. Kennedy WAS a great man. This is not about 1960 or feeling good…it is about 2009 and the future, our economy (jobs paycheck) and reality. I cannot feel good if I do not have a job and can’t pay my mortgage or put food on my table. Barrack is simply getting the keys to the Elite club and Camelot. Wish I had membership to that club. But for now I will let Hillary solve my problem and when I have a job I can afford to reflect on the past and feel good. Maybe then Ted Kennedy or John Kerry will invite me to play golf with them in their Camelot.

  • Bruno, don’t be an idiot. They’re ALL in an exclusive club. You think Hillary is not? Get real. She’s more the insider who is getting the keys handed to her. Obama is the young whipper snapper trying to knock off the old guard. Side with the old guard if you wish. Fine with me. If the opportunity of the moment escapes you then I probably can’t help you. If the comparisons to JFK don’t make sense to you then they don’t. No big. They do to an awful lot of people.

    …and yes. It’s change alright.

    …and no. It’s not about just feeling good. It’s about fundamentally altering the direction of the country. It’s about finally having the opportunity for America to seek redemption from the layer upon layer of partisan divide topped with a nice thick icing of Neo-conservatism.

    Don’t worry. This won’t hurt a bit!

  • Robert D. Spicer

    Bruno, you are right, this is about 2009 and the future, our economy etc. How great it would be for the president, a person with Obama’s vision and inspiration, to once again inspire and motivate this country – just as JFK did. Sen. Obama’s words, actions and policies have brought about change already. Young people are voting again, and most of the world is looking to him to heal the divides that have only widened with the Bush administration. I am only a green card holder (a citizen of the UK), but if only I could vote – it would be for Sen. Obama.

  • #3: Well said.

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