From the very start of the debate tonight, I got the sense that talks are already underway about these two running together. I think they are. They both appeared to do the “we are all Democrats” routine. They both appeared to be over the bristling dislike and the cold shoulder treatment. They’ve softened. This is great to see, actually. There is still much more campaigning yet to be done and most of that will determine who is at the top of the ticket.

It’s undeniable that these two on the same ticket would absolutely crush anything the Republicans could put together. The dynamic constituency they have both developed thus far would be so energized as to be unstoppable. The voters get “experience” and the energy for “real change”.

I softened quite a bit on Hillary tonight. She was solid. She was smart. She was witty. She was strong. I, of course, prefer Barack Obama. I would still like to see him win and I’m not sure it would matter who the VP was in my mind. I’m not where I was weeks ago, which was pretty much rabid anti-Hillary. I’m now starting to see the possibility of what they could both do on a ticket. They’d make an amount of history that would be as breathtaking as what Obama being elected would do. They could give Democrats 16 years of leadership and it is possible that the American people would welcome that. Not just for the history and the change, but for the incremental nature of two unlikely Presidential candidates leading this nation.

I can’t speak to the real level of the internal dislike for one another. It could well be strong enough to precludes such a “dream ticket”. I will say this though. I think we’ll be seeing a Clinton/Obama ticket sometime down the road. She’ll be smart enough to know she needs him. He’ll be smart enough to know he can use this opportunity to eventually grasp the brass ring and won’t pass up the chance to eventually reach his goal, which is to fundamentally change the nature of politics in America and lead the country in a completely new direction.

Clinton/Obama 2008. Mark it down.