obama_kennedy.jpgFirst was Caroline. Then came Ted. That last one will be the shot heard. For some time people have mentioned JFK in the same breath as Obama. Caroline seems to back this view and the endorsement of her uncle will do much the same.

You’re bound to hear a great bit of downplay spin in this from the Billary camp. Make no mistake. They wanted this one BAD. Barack getting it deals a severe blow to the old school Dems, a group that would seem to be more likely to go for the Bill and Hillary Show. This is a BIG endorsement for the Obama campaign. It might shake loose a few establishment Dems from their slumber. It might just get them to let go of their Clinton blankie long enough to realize they can be part of something truly historic. A seismic shift in modern day politics. We’re not going to correct the damage done by the collective Neocon Rumspringa by making marginal changes. I get the feeling the Senator from Massachusetts understands this.

This is a big blow against Billary:

Both the Clintons and their contributors and allies had pressed for weeks to keep Kennedy neutral, but Kennedy had become increasingly disenchanted with the tone of the Clinton campaign. He and former President Bill Clinton had a heated telephone exchange last week over what Kennedy considered misleading statements by Clinton about Obama, including his injection of race into the campaign.

Kennedy called the former president personally on Sunday to inform him of his decision.

The Clinton camp got the runner-up Kennedy trophy by landing Bobby’s kids.

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