So Hillary is already in Tennessee and Edwards is cracking me up with how great these results are for him. Apparently they were polling at a Kucinich level and 18% is a great bump for them. LOL. Whatever. I almost wish Wolf would have just said that: “Whatever”. Edwards is done. Speaking of Kucinich, John now sounds like he has Dennis reasons for staying in the race (ie symbolic). At least he won his home county! I like John. I really do. Wish he could get more attention than Hillary. But at some point you realize it ain’t gonna happen. Could John also be positioning him self to be the broker? Gather enough delegates and be able to decide who to hand them over to at some point?

Obama just absolutely CRUSHED. It will be interesting to see how this might affect other states. I know the polling has been showing Hillary leading in many of the others states, but it was also showing Obama winning by 8%. He just won by 20 more than that. Wow again. It also appears the voters of South Carolina were not at all impressed with the Billary Show. Look for that to change. We’ll be seeing much less of the mister if you ask me.

It sounds like the ground game was really good for BO as well:

In the 2004 presidential primary, just 264 total votes were cast in Estill.

In this primary race, the Obama campaign made sure to send staff and volunteers to the town. Tonight, amid unprecedented Democratic turnout across the state, 575 votes were cast in Estil, with 459 of them going to Obama, 92 to Hillary Clinton and 24 to John Edwards.

He’s fast.
He’s pretty.
He can’t possibly be beat!

Obama Bomaye!