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“I think it’s important we send a message to the people of Michigan and Florida that Democrats care about their lives and their futures,” said Clinton, who denied she was breaking a party accord to stay out of those states. Barack Obama’s camp sees her move differently: “It seems like Hillary Clinton will do or say anything to win an election,” an Obama rep said.

Say or do anything indeed. Especially after a shellacking tonight in SC. Rewrite the rules to benefit me. Whaaa. The delegates were lost when the primaries were moved up. To suggest Obama “doesn’t care […]

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Obama Wins South Carolina HUGE

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So Hillary is already in Tennessee and Edwards is cracking me up with how great these results are for him. Apparently they were polling at a Kucinich level and 18% is a great bump for them. LOL. Whatever. I almost wish Wolf would have just said that: “Whatever”. Edwards is done. Speaking of Kucinich, John now sounds like he has Dennis reasons for staying in the race (ie symbolic). At least he won his home county! I like John. I really do. Wish he could get more attention than Hillary. But at some point you realize it ain’t […]

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Rick Santorum Hates John McCain?

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My wife just forwarded me a link to this great post over at Open Left.

The author spent a few hours riding on an Amtrak train sitting in front of Rick “i hate gay people more than you” Santorum listening to him make call after call URGING people NOT to support McCain.

According to the post’s author, Rick said that “McCain sucks and that even having Hillary or Obama would be better” and that even “Giuliani would be better than McCain.”

He also tried to rally committed and uncommitted delegates “against McCain to give money against him, be uncommitted […]

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MSNBC is reporting that John McCain received two New York City Police Department endorsements this morning: The New York City Captains Endowment Association and the New York City Sergeants Benevolent Association.

Anyone want to bet how long it takes Rudy to drop out after he loses in Florida?

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Moving Soon

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PB will be moving soon. Your service could be temporarily interrupted. Know that we are doing everything we can behind the scenes to bring you some of the best Ohio progressive blogging and acerbic commentary along with a healthy dose of sarcastic wit.

Don’t touch that blogroll! Keep your RSS tuned right here. We’ll be with you momentarily!

– Management

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John Boehner Sees the Light!

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John Boehner (R-OH), oft lauded among conservative bloggers in our state, is asking his party to “make sacrifices” in order to “sell” the Republican agenda in the fall elections. What sacrifices is John asking his party mates to make?

one-year moratorium on earmarks for all Republicans

Republicans use earmarks? I am SHOCKED! Shocked, I say! I thought this was the exclusive domain of big government Democrats! Republicans? Earmarks? NO WAY!

and a litany of smaller guidelines to curtail wasteful earmarks or member-requested projects that benefit campaign contributors or other private entities.

Republicans request money to benefit their campaign […]

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